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2018 February Presidents Message

Jan 17, 2018


  1. Tuesday, 20 February 2018 - 11AM- 10PM: FUNDRAISER AT CALIFORNIA PIZZA KITCHEN (CPK). On this day, CPK will donate 20% of your meal receipt to the CPWC Scholarship Fund when you give your server your coupon. All you need to do is bring our coupon with you (it’s in this newsletter), order, enjoy your meal with your favorite person or a group, and then maybe enjoy a movie at the Downtown Cinema or Palm Theatre. This event is listed in your directory as “Dinner and a Movie”-- this is a great opportunity to see one of the many nominated and award winning movies. Check the Downtown Cinema movie schedules at: or the Palm Theatre’s . Tuesday is a discounted movie ticket price of $8.50 at the Downtown Cinema.
  2. February also begins the search for next year’s Board members. Alice Loh and her nomination committee members would love to hear from you if you have been thinking about serving. Chris and I have enjoyed our two terms and will be available to answer questions and/or field your ideas. We both believe in supporting new Board officers! As we approach our 100th Club anniversary in 2024, we hope our Club will flourish and continue to provide a proactive and friendly network for members with service to one another, to our students and to the University!
  3. Wednesday,14 March 2018 @4:30PM-- Next Board meeting to be held at the downtown Alumni Welcome Center. Join us; the meeting is open to all.
  4. Saturday, 7 April 2018 @10AM- noon- Our Election and General Meeting to be held at Woods Humane Society Community Room (875 Oklahoma Ave, SLO off of Hwy 1) with an optonal tour of the facility after the meeting. Joy miller is chairing this event.
  5. In addition to electing a new Board of Officers, we will also be voting on expanding our membership to include Cal Poly Alumni members. This has been proposed in the past, but we believe the time has come to invite our alum to join us. After meeting with Ellen Cohune, Assistant VP for Alumni Outreach at our last Board meeting, we all feel that alumni could bring new energy to the Club, as well as expand opportuities for professional and personal growth in all our sections, fundraising and Club goals.Tell us your ideas and get “on Board” to take our Club into its second 100 years!

Hope to see you all at the California Pizza Kitchen before seeing a great movie! Check our website for specific times and movie we’ll be attending!


Val Barboza and Chris Hoover, Co-Presidents

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2018 January Newsletter

Jan 4, 2018

President’s Message

Have you made your new year’s resolutions?! You know-- the ones we all make:

  • Try to eat a healthier diet and exercise more
  • Try a new activity at the gym
  • Work on personal and professional goals including attending the Strengthsfinder workshop (more on that in this newsletter)
  • Be mindful, take time to meditate and remind yourself of all for which you are grateful.

As we begin our final 6 months as your Co-Presidents, we are both thankful for your participation in our Club especially in our events! The SLO Country Club’s festive decorations for our Holiday Party set the tone for our evening and was coordinated with Cal Poly alum Brooke Campbell! The In Time Trio boosted our spirits with their self- described “classy, sassy and cool” holiday music while dinner was served, and the Silent Auction raised $554.00 for the ASI Children’s Center scholarship!


Please join me in thanking the following for their generous donations to the ASI Children’s Center Scholarship Silent Auction: Tolo Cellars (Kymberly Fazzio), SLO Trader Joe’s, Brian & Blanca Kesner, Talley wines (Sasha Mobley & Val Barboza), Linda & Luc Soenen, Chris & Bob Hoover, Wild Horse wines (Elaine Ramos Doyle), Patrice Iqbal, Cari Moore, Joan Kennedy, and Wearable Art (Pat Hermenegildo). Erika Callero and Natalie White volunteered with pre-event planning, silent auction set-up and coordination! Elaine Ramos Doyle and Joan Kennedy handled all aspects of the Silent Auction checkout!


Your Club Directory lists the upcoming events as does our Club website - . We hope you will join us as we jump into 2018 and bring a friend! Remember, if you would like to be part of the event planning, we need volunteers!

This year we will invite Cal Poly Alumni to join us for our events and to become members. Alumni Outreach Assistant VP Ellen Cohune will be speaking at our January 9, 2018 Board meeting to begin the process. Board meetings are open to all-- please join us at the new Alumni facility downtown at 4:30PM for the next meeting.




Chris Hoover & Val Barboza

CPWC Co-Presidents 2017-2018


News and Announcements

In Memoriam

The Cal Poly Women’s Club was saddened to learn of the death of long time member, Ines Bongio.  Ines passed away on November 30, 2017 at the age of 92.  A donation in her honor was made by the general membership to the CPWC Scholarship Fund.


In Celebration

Our warmest congratulations to Carol Judd on her the 101st birthday! The Birthday Party in early December 2017 was filled with happiness and lovely friendship"! We also warmly wish LaVerne Bucy, another one of our very own Centenarians, a very Happy and Healthy 101st Birthday in November 2017.


Members of Ambassador Section would love to visit members, especially those in need of help physically or socially; please call or write to Alice Loh or Tracy Kinderknecht.


Newsletter Availability

The newsletter, “The Flyer”, is available electronically.  Please email Elaine Ramos Doyle at if you would prefer to receive your newsletter via email. This will help the club save money and help save the environment! Thank you!



The Cal Poly Women’s Club is hosting Bay area author and Certified Life Coach Sasha Mobley to offer the Gallup Strengthsfinder Workshop on Saturday, January 27, 2018 (10AM- noon). Attendees will receive a Strengthsfinder 2.0 access code before the class in order to complete the assessment. Then during the Workshop, participants will use the resulting Signature Themes report and Action Planning guide to develop an approach to enhancing their natural talents into Strengths. Class size is limited to 25 with a discounted fee of $50. The workshop will be held on campus in Bldg. 11-104.

If you are interested in attending this workshop, contact Club Co-President Val Barboza at or call her at805.264.5901.

The CPWC site also has information on this workshop and other Club events: .To contact Sasha, check her website at: or email her at .


2017-18 Scholarship Recipient

The Club awarded two $1,000 scholarships for 2017-18. Our first recipient, Ellis Fryer was featured in the November/December newsletter.  Our second recipient is Annie Campbell. Annie is a Political Science major. Annie stated that it was an honor to be a recipient of the Cal Poly Women’s Club scholarship. This will give her more time to focus on her studies, women’s rights and student activities. She is active in the Cal Poly’s Young Democrats, a strong supporter of women’s rights and Planned Parenthood. One future goal is to serve as an Intern in Washington D.C. Needless to say, this has been a very busy year for political activities and women’s issues; Annie is very active in both. She thanks the Cal Poly Women’s Club for granting her this scholarship.


Section News for January



Wednesday, January 10th at 5:00 pm potluck at the home of Tracy Kinderknecht, 2654 I St. in Santa Margarita.

Chairperson:  Alice Loh             543-9055

                                                                             Tracy Kinderknecht  756-5803



Members will be contacted.

Chairperson: Lois Butler                     772-4020



Saturday, January 20th from 10-noon at the Master Gardener lecture, January Winter Pruning, 2156 Sierra Way, Suite C, SLO. RSVP to or 781-5939.

Chairperson: Patrice Iqbal                  547-1993


Monday, January 8th at 11:30 am at SLO Provisions, 1255 Monterey in SLO. RSVP to Jan or Val Barboza 264-5901.

Chairpersons: Judy Connely       543-5919

Jan Regan              543-2978


Wednesday, January 3rd at 10:00 am at Huff home, 7190 Lewis Lane, SLO.


Chairperson: Carol Huff            541-1589


Wednesday, January 10th at 5:00 pm potluck at the home of Tracy Kinderknecht, 2654 I St. in Santa Margarita.

Chairperson:  Tracy Kinderknecht  756-5803

                                                                               Sandra Cirilo 598-7277


Wednesday (new day), January 24th at 2:00 pm at the Villagio office at 1503 Froom Ranch Way (across the parking lot from Whole Foods and next to Pacific Premier Bank). Members will be contacted.

Chairpersons: Pat Cano              543-6210

 Janis Stansfield   543-7901


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2017 October Newsletter

Oct 27, 2017


                                             November/December 2017


Cal Poly Womens Club


President’s Message

Where did the time go?! It seems like we were just enjoying brunch together in September with Mrs. Armstrong and her staff, but the calendar tells us that Thanksgiving is less than a month away! And so begins the holiday festivities including our Club Holiday Party and Silent

Auction at the SLO Country Club on December 7, 2017. Send in your RSVP now; the details are included in this newsletter!


Also in this newsletter, we’ve included the details about the “Members Only” Professional- Personal Development Workshop on January 27, 2018. Life Coach and author Sasha Mobley has discounted this workshop ($50 for members usually $150). Send your registration fee to make sure you are included.


The Board of Directors meets November 1, 2017 at the Union Bank Community Room (located

995 Higuera, SLO) at 4:30 pm. Members are welcome, and the agenda will be posted on our

website the week before the meeting. There’s plenty of parking from the Osos St. side where you’ll find the community room entrance. We have several member oriented items and events under discussion, so join us!


Lastly, Treasurer Elaine Ramos Doyle has the new directories that list all the upcoming Club events, dates and member info. Once she receives your membership dues, she will send you the directory.



Chris Hoover & Val Barboza

CPWC Co-Presidents 2017-2018


News and Announcements

1. In Memoriam

Our most sincere sympathies are being sent to long time member Elaine Van De Vanter and her family on the death of her husband, Gordon. Gordon passed away on September 29,

2017 at the age of 96. Gordon was a retired faculty member from the Crop Science Dept.


2. Newsletter Availability

The newsletter, “The Flyer”, is available electronically. Please email Elaine Ramos Doyle at if you would prefer to receive your newsletter via email. This will save

Club resources as well as help the environment!



3. Reminder - Membership Dues

Don’t forget to pay your membership dues! You can send your $25 dues to Treasurer Elaine Ramos Doyle, 2381 Claranita Ave., Los Osos, CA 93402. Dues should be paid by the end of December in order to receive a Directory and monthly newsletters. Thank you to all who have paid!


4. Membership Directory Additions and Corrections



New Members

BROWN, Carla (Joe)                                       (510) 862-3546

146 Tally Ho Road                                             Facilities Plan - Capital Proj

Arroyo Grande, CA 93420                   


RAMOS, Yvonne (Bob Smidt)                     528-5140                 cell 441-2635

610 Woodland Drive                                       Financial Aid/Statistics

Los Osos, CA 93402                                


Changes and Corrections:



McMILLAN, Heather                                       440-3000




5. 2017-18 Scholarship Recipient


The Club awarded two $1,000 scholarships

for 2017-18. Our first recipient is Ellis Fryer and she is an Architectural Engineering major. When she was a student at Morro Bay High School, she started a club called the Society of Women Engineers. Her current focus is sustainable buildings. Her long-term plans are to work overseas and share her knowledge of sustainable living. Ellis is very grateful for this scholarship and sends special thanks

to the Cal Poly Women's Club.




We will feature our second recipient Annie

Campbell in the next newsletter.










DATE:                                    Saturday, January 27, 2018 @ 10AM-noon


LOCATION:                         Cal Poly campus Bldg.11 (Ag Sci) - room 104 (cattycorner from the



COST:                                    $50 for members; non-members $75


RSVP:                                    Send a check made out to “Alexandra Mobley” to: Val Barboza, 1756 Cordova Dr., SLO 93405


Using the Gallup Strength Finders assessment, participants will learn how to use and develop their strengths for results that may have seemed impossible to attain. Our trainer Sasha Mobley, a certified Gallup and Life Coach, will discuss how we limit ourselves to second rate experiences because we buy into someone else’s success model.


Attendees will receive a Strength Finders 2.0 access code before the class in order to complete the assessment. Then during the Workshop, participants will use the resulting Signature Themes report and Action Planning guide to develop an approach to their natural talents.


If you have questions, email Sasha ( or visit her website:



Section News for November & December



There will be no meeting in November or December. See you at the Holiday Party!

Chairpersons: Alice Loh                                 543-9055

Tracy Kinderknecht 756-5803



Members will be contacted.








Chairperson: Lois Butler                                772-4020


Saturday, November 18th at 10 am at the UC Master Gardeners, 2156 Sierra Way, Suite C, SLO. Please let Patrice know if you can attend or need a ride. Also, Patrice’s garden was featured in The Tribune newspaper on Aug. 31st:

garden/article170442187.html . Check it out!



No meeting in December. See you at the Holiday Party!

Chairperson: Patrice Iqbal                            547-1993



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2017 Nov.1 Board Mtg Agenda

Oct 27, 2017

November 1, 2017 CPWC Board Agenda

Being your calendars!

  • WELCOME - Chris/ Val
  • Secretary Patrice - Minutes from 7/11/2017
  • Treasurer Elaine - State of the Club!
  • Any news?
  • Section stipend - miscellaneous expense?
  • Old Business
  • General scholarship awards 2@$1000 to Ellis Fryer and Annie Campbell
  • Photos for newsletter?
  • In the past, we have awarded some eligible students for 2 consecutive years. If in the future, we don’t have an eligible new student, should we award a continuing awardee a third year? Discussion
  • We all agreed in our email vote on a one-time award of Van Asperen, use Van Asperen in-house/SESLOC funds for a $1000 scholarship to a credential student.
  • We still have a sizable amount of funds in the SESLOC fund un-used & gaining very little interest. Should these funds be transferred to the endowment?
  • The Foundation/Corporation still has a Van Asperen account for repayment of old loans and funds in case a student applies for a loan.
  • New Business


  • Holiday party on 7 December 2017 - member rsvp date 22 Novmber; final count to SLO Country Club 29 November
  • Menu
  • Silent auction - meet to wrap and plan set-up some time between 11/27 and 12/1? Cari, Erika, Linda to coordinate
  • Suggested items: Wine, tickets to events, crafts/ art , jewelry
  • Entertainment- Loved Tracy’s suggestion for a performance but think it would be better for a separate event
  • Other ideas?
  • January, February, April, May events - committees
  • Personal - professional Development Workshop - Val
  • February - Dinner and movie
  • Once coupon available, we will invlude with newsletter, on website, distribute at Section meetings
  • Val looking into discounbt for movie tickets at Outdoor Cinema and Palm Theatre
  • Growing membership -
  • Chris and I have loosely discussed opening membership to CP women alumni for enhancing Professional Women.
  • Discussion
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2017 October Message from our Co-Presidents Val & Chris

Sep 20, 2017


Summer is over and my favorite season autumn is here with our first Club event-- an absolutely fabulous brunch hosted by Sharon Armstrong! This event differed from our past afternoon receptions and a resounding success! Please join me in a huge “thank you” to Sharon for hosting the brunch and to her staff for their support of the Cal Poly Women’s Club membership and guests! If you attended, you know what a privilege it is to enjoy visiting the President’s campus home and how much we all look forward to this event.

At this year’s brunch, we had a wonderful response to our planned events, as well as our ongoing ASI Children’s Center scholarship fund. Thank you to all who donated including Sharon Armstrong, who asked that our Club “thank you” gift be donated to the ASI award. Additionally, we are working with the Financial Aid Office to award two $1000 scholarships. More on the recipients once they have been notified. Last year’s fundraiser at the the Holiday Party Silent Auction and SLO Little Theater boosted our scholarship fund allowing us to increase the award amount. This year, we will again include a silent auction at our Holiday Party (7 December 2017) and a new fundraising event in February 2018 “Dinner (at the California Pizza Kitchen) and a Movie.” We’ll publish the details in a future newsletter and on our website: .

Check out the newest member interest section: Home and Garden (Patrice Iqbal and Blanca Kesner, Chairs), which will include local garden tours. The Professional Women’s Section is trying new ideas. If you have an idea for a meeting, contact Tracy or any Board member. The Occasional Walk Group will tour the Pismo Preserve on Sunday 29 October 2017. A free shuttle service from the Pismo Beach City Gall (760 Mattie Rd., PB) will take us to the trailhead. Details for all this month’s meetings are listed in this newsletter. If you have questions, please contact the Section Chair, Tracy!

Hope to see you at one of our get togethers soon! Also check out our Directory for scheduled events and join us!

Happy Autumn -- Your Co-Presidents,
Val Barboza and Chris Hoover

2017 September Newsletter

Aug 29, 2017


Welcome back to a new academic year with new opportunities to connect with colleagues and friends! Beginning with Fall events and activities (AKA Fall conference), Club members are invited to a Brunch hosted by Sharon Armstrong on Saturday, September

23, 2017 (10 AM-noon) at the Presidents campus residence. Event details will be

published in the Cal Poly Report and on our Club website . We hope to see you there!


Your Club officers have scheduled several new events throughout the 2017-18 year including a Dinner and a Movie “datenight tentatively scheduled in February 2018. We have also invited Bay Area Life Coach and author Sasha Mobley to facilitate a workshop in early 2018 for members ( Mark your calendars now for our Holiday Party and Silent Auction scheduled for December 7, 2017 and the May Luncheon for May 5, 2018; both events will be at the SLO Country Club. Our April General

Meeting and Election will be held at Woods Humane Society on April 7, 2018 and includes a facility tour by CPWC Past President Joy Miller. We hope to see you at all of these events!


But theres more! For section news, Patrice Iqbal would like to start a Home and Garden section that will include garden tours! Additionally, the Walk/ hike group will have a tour of the Pismo Preserve, as soon as we can schedule a date October or November. In

other words, stay tuned! Our Club Directory (available at the Brunch to paid members)

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2019 April 5 @ 5:30pm Fundraiser: DINNER & A MEETING

Aug 29, 2017

Please join us in our fundraising efforts on April 5th - Dinner fundraiser & General Election meeting.

California Pizza Kitchen will be donating a portion of all dinner receipts to the Women's Club with a coupon that we are happy to provide- please ask any Board Member.

Thank you so much for your interest and participation-we welcome you!

Newsletter May & June 2017

May 5, 2017





     RSVP’d for May 20th luncheon at the SLO Country Club by May 3rd to Pat Iqbal.

Invited a Cal Poly friend to join me at the luncheon.

This year’s theme will feature past Club presidents as part of our honoring the

Club’s history.

Rosa’s Boutique will also host a fashion show.

     Send in 2017-18 membership to Treasurer Elaine Ramos Doyle or bring to luncheon.

     Review revised By-laws at:

Thank Tracy Kinderknecht, our outgoing Secretary and web guru; Mei-Ling Liu, our outgoing Section Coordinator and Mitra Nafisi, our outgoing 2nd VP.

     June 24th - Social/Picnic at Cheng Park on Marsh St. @ Santa Rosa- Mark my calendar

Club will have snack and drinks.

Vote on By-laws and 2017-18 Budget


It’s been a whirlwind year for us as your Co-presidents, and we want to thank you all for your cooperation! This year we’re all very proud that a new endowed scholarship in honor of Marie Van Asperen will benefit future teachers in the Liberal Studies major and/or credential students. The first award will be made next year.


Additionally, our two fundraisers, the Silent Auction at the Holiday party and SLO Little Theater performance of The Nerd, brought in collectively almost $2,300 for our ongoing scholarships. We’ve also awarded a $500 grant to student parent Lisa Lemos Jensen to help her with childcare expenses at the ASI Children’s Center.


And we’ve revised and updated the By-laws that will be voted on by membership at the June

24th picnic social.


Best of all, we are still friends! Hope to see you soon!



Chris Hoover and Val Barboza

CPWC Co-Presidents 2016-17



New Officers for the Boards of 2017 – 2018

Congratulations to our newly elected Board members! Thank you to these dedicated

members who are willing to serve the Club.


Board of Directors                                                                              Off-Board Directors


Chris Hoover/Valerie Barboza

Nominating Committee:

1st VP

Sheila Pouraghabagher

Alice Loh

2nd VP



Pat Cano

Pat Iqbal

Elaine Ramos Doyle

Natalie White

Section Coordinator          Tracy Kinderknecht

Members-at-Large           Cari Moore Erika Callero Lois Butler


News and Announcements

The May Luncheon/Fashion Show (Learn-by-Doing) and the Installation of New

Officers will be held May 20th at the SLO Country Club. Club members will model fashions from Rosa’s Boutique in Pismo Beach. There is still time to send in your reservations ($25/person)! Send reservations to Pat Iqbal, 6080 Lewis Lane, San Luis Obispo 93401 by May 3rd. Make your check out to CPWC. We hope to see you all there!


New Retirees

Please send the names of members or their spouses/partners who will be retiring this

year to Linda Soenen .These new retirees will be honored at the

May Luncheon.


In Memoriam

The CPWC was saddened to learn of the passing of our member, Arlene Chandler.  Arlene passed away on April 4, 2017 at the age of 94.  A memorial service was held April 29th.


Imelda Gentile passed away on March 4, 2017 at the age of 91. A memorial service will be held May 13th at 1 pm at the Los Osos Valley Memorial Park on Los Osos Valley Rd.  A reception will follow at 3 pm at the SLO Museum of Art, 1010 Broad St. Donations may be made to the CPWC Scholarship.


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Election Meeting Minutes: Ice Cream Social April 29, 2017

May 4, 2017


AGENDA AND MINUTES- Val Barboza, substitute Secretary

WELCOME: Chris Hoover




Judy Connely & Chris Hoover

Slate for 2017-2018 Board

Co- Presidents: Chris Hoover and Val Barboza

1st VP - Sheila Pouraghabagher

2nd VP - Pat Cano

Secretary - Pat Iqbal

Treasurer- Elaine Ramos Doyle

Section Coordinator- Tracy Kinderknecht


Off-Board Directors -Nominating Committee:

Alice Loh

Margarite Gowgani

Lois Butler


Nominations for Members-at-Large:

Taken from the floor



Open forum -- what’s on your calendar for summer?


CLOSING: Val Barboza


Many thanks to Committee members Judy Connely, Jan Regan, Jean Dettloff, Erika Callero and Chris Hoover for organizing and hosting this event. Pat Iqbal supplied the lovely flowers from her garden!

Also many thanks to California Fresh, Rite Aid, Starbucks for their donation of items for the Social!  David Rau of the United Methodist Church assisted with the set-up and logistical strategies for our meeting--much appreciation to David as well!

Remember to thank our community partners for their support of our Club when you patronize their businesses!



Attendees: Jean Dettloff, Judy Connely, Jan Regan, Erika Callero, Chris Hoover, Elaine Ramos Doyle, Sheila Pouraghabagher, Barbara Wilkins, Natalie White, Patrice Iqbal, Blanca Kesner, Kathy Golden, Mei-Ling Liu, Margarite Gowgani, Val Barboza (recording secretary)


Chris Hoover called the meeting to order at 1;20 PM and welcomed all attendees. Chris then called on Judy Connely to give the report of the Nominations Committee. Judy Connely presented the slate of officers from the Nominating Committee for 2017-2018. It was moved, seconded and passed to accept the slate as presented.

   Three members-at-large were elected from the floor as follows: Cari Moore, Erika Callero and Linda Soenen. They were nominated by Jan Regan, Patrice Iqbal and Jean Dettloff respectively, then individually seconded and passed.  Three members of the nominating committee will continue to serve next year. They are Alice Loh, Lois Butler,and Margarite Gowgani. Two members were elected from the floor: Natalie White and Judy Connely.They were nominated by Patrice Iqbal and Elaine Ramos Doye respectively.Nomnations were then seconded and passed.

Chris Hoover closed the Election portion of the meeting by thanking the nominees, the Nominations’ Committee for the new Board and the attendees for participating in the Election.

The social portion of the meeting then proceeded with an ice cream social. Mei-Ling Liu volunteered to send a letter of thanks to our community business partners for their generous donations. Val will send individual Club thank-you notes. Val also reminded attendees that the amended By-laws are on our Club website. She is also working on a document that itemizes the changes and will post those to the website mid-May. The Club vote will take place at the June picnic social at Cheng Park on June 24, 2017.

Meeting adjourned at 3PM.

Respectfully submitted,

Val Barboza

Agenda: Ice Cream Social April 29, 2017

Apr 26, 2017



WELCOME: Chris Hoover


Judy Connely

Slate for 2017-2018 Board

Co- Presidents: Chris Hoover and Val Barboza

1st VP - Sheila Pouraghabagher

2nd VP - Pat Cano

Secretary - Pat Iqbal

Treasurer- Elaine Ramos Doyle

Section Coordinator- Tracy Kinderknecht


Off-Board Directors:

Nominating Committee

Alice Loh

Lois Butler

Margarite Gowgani



Mitra Nafisi will answer questions about her trip to Iran.


Many thanks to Committee members Judy Connely, Jan Regan, Jean Dettloff, Erika Callero for organizing and hosting this event. Pat Iqbal supplied the lovely flowers from her garden!

Also many thanks to California Fresh, Rite Aid, Starbucks for their donation of items for the Social!



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March 9 @ 9am Walk/hike w/ Val, Bob Jones Trail, bring a friend or your dog.  Email

April 5 @ 5:30pm General Election & Ca. Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser dinner: see recent newsletter for details & coupon


2017 Scholarship awardee, Lisa Lemos Jensen

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