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Meets as arranged
We strive to maintain connections with our ill or infirm Alice Loh 543-9055
members who are unable to attend regular meetings. Tracy Kinderknecht 756-5803

Book Exchange & Discussion

Meets first Wednesday, 7 pm
Interested in Lit?!  Join the Lit Wits. Pat Iqbal 547-1993
  Julia Andresen 543-8848

Dine Around

Meets quarterly as arranged
Discover new local restaurants with friends. Lois Butler 772-4020

Knitting & Needlework

Meets first Monday, 10 am
  Carol Huff 541-1589

Morning Gourmet

Meets second Monday, 12 noon
Eliminate the challenges of meal prep! Judy Connely 543-5919
  Jan Regan 543-2978

Professional Women

Meets monthly as arranged
For those of us with full daytime schedules who can Jennifer Klay
only meet evenings or weekends.


Meets fourth Thursday, 2 pm
  Pat Cano 543-6210
  Janis Stansfield 543-7901






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March 9 @ 9am Walk/hike w/ Val, Bob Jones Trail, bring a friend or your dog.  Email

April 5 @ 5:30pm General Election & Ca. Pizza Kitchen Fundraiser dinner: see recent newsletter for details & coupon


2017 Scholarship awardee, Lisa Lemos Jensen

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