2018 April 7 Agenda - General Mtg.



  1. Welcome & Social with coffee and treats - Joy Miller, Chris & Val
  2. Thanks to the outgoing Board - Val & Chris
  3. Election of 2018-19 Board:  
  4. Co-Presidents: Sheila Pouraghabagher & Mitra Nafisi                                               Bylaws Article V, Sec. 1 in Club Directory                                                                        

Co-1st VP                Linda Soenen & Blanca Kesner                     See Bylaws Article V, Sec. 2

Co-2nd VP               Lois Butler & Jennifer Klay                          See Bylaws Article V, Sec. 2

Secretary              Chris Hoover                                               See Bylaws Article V, Sec. 3

Treasurer              Elaine Ramos Doyle                                      See Bylaws Article V, Sec. 4

Section Coordinator   Tracy Kinderknecht                                See Bylaws Article V, Sec. 5


Nominations from the floor for Off-Board Directors

    1. The vote!
  1. Quilt raffle - last chance to donate to the scholarship/ ASI fund & receive tickets @$1= 1 tickets; $5= 6 tickets.
    1. And the winner is?!!!  Winning ticket to be drawn!  Keep your fingers crossed that you win this sweet hand-quilted 48” square lap, crib or wall hanging by Linda Soenen.
  2. Discussion of suggested expansion of ByLaws Article III- Section 1a: Membershipship shall be open to the following persons:   Any current non-student employee of either the University or a campus-recognized auxillary organization, or a member of the Cal Poly Alumni Association, or the spouse of any such current employee.
    • Membership vote at June Coffee on 2 June 2018 at Pat Cano’s home.
  1. Have you sent in your RSVP for the May Luncheon? RSVP printed on reverse side. Save a stamp & give to Chris Hoover today!
  2. Change of the Board meeting to be held after the May luncheon in the SLO Country Conference Room.
  3. Join Joy Miller for a tour of the Woods Humane Society facilities. Petting included!



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June 1 @ 9am Walk to June Coffee! w/ Val.  Start at SLO Veterans Bldg and walk to Arboretum for June Coffee      Note: Park on Palm Street side of Vet's Bldg near the howitzer gun.  RSVP to Val Barboza (805) 264.5901



2017 Scholarship awardee, Lisa Lemos Jensen

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